Platinum Printing Services by Platinum Editions

Platinum Editions is a custom printing service totally dedicated to rare photographic processes, specializing in the art of platinum printing.

Platinum Editions was established in 2005 by Arkady Lvov, photographer, and print maker. Mr. Lvov has been practicing rare photographic processes since 1984. He started making platinum prints commercially in 1990. Over the years we have expanded our capabilities enabling us to make platinum prints up to 30″ x 40″ size.

Platinum printing is a contact process, which means that a large format negative of the same size as the desired print size must be produced first. We are closely associated with Greenberg Editions, a high-end digital printing studio, which is producing large format negatives for the contact printing required by alternative processes. Together we have dedicated years of research to develop our own method of producing contact negatives from the original negatives and digital files. This process allows for a uniquely accurate on-screen preview of the final print.

We work “one on one” with our clients dedicating a great amount of time and effort in order to achieve the perfect print. We begin with a high-resolution scan of your negative or with a digital camera file, execute all the necessary adjustments and offer a preview of the image before the output of the large format negative is done. Next, a series of tests on paper is made, allowing for further adjustments. Only then we begin to work on a full-size final print.

We have successfully produced portfolios, exhibitions and limited editions for many American and International clients. Let us produce a print whose unique quality matches the creativity of your images.

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For each print edition, a signed printer’s proof will be produced for the archives of Platinum Editions